About Us

California City, was built by visionaries who saw the full potential of this high desert oasis, long before others could imagine the possibilities. Today, California City is home to some 14,000 residents, many of whom work in nearby aerospace installations at Edwards Air Force Base, the Mojave Air and Space Port and the city’s own municipal airport, where multimillion dollar corporate Gulfstreams are refurbished by Norm Hill Aviation.

California City is a retail hub, as well as an industrial paradise. Located on the northern edge of Edwards Air Force Base, California City is the ideal location for a retail business or any consumer services that cater to families and military personnel.

With a huge military presence, California City is perfect for any industry looking for trained and disciplined employees who have military training and skills.

Community Snapshot


14,694 plus surrounding communities.

Land area:

203.6 Sq. miles

Avg cost per acre:

Frontage on main Blvd $45K to $100K

Other locations $8K to $30K

Avg cost per sq ft (retail):

$ .65

Avg cost per sq ft (office):

$ .50 to .85

Avg cost per sq ft (industrial):

$ .15 to .45