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The California City EDC is pleased to present a video that offers a “Business” perspective that will help manufactures, light industry and other businesses to take a closer look at our City and the region as they make future plans for growth or start new.


East Kern Tech

East Kern County plunges eastward from Sierra Nevada peaks down to foothills that edge the Mojave Desert and fans south to the grotesquely contorted Joshua trees of the Antelope Valley.

Vast stretched os dry, undeveloped, and frequently windy terrain define much of it. Yet these potentially inhopitable attributes not only account for its unique beauty but also yeild decided advantages for certain types of inductry and cutting-edge technology.

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Stirling capital investments announces full lease of new 447,740 sqft facility at SCLC

VICTORVILLE, CA (June 1, 2016) – Stirling Capital Investments announced that it has secured full lease-up of its new 447,740-square-foot industrial facility currently under construction at Southern California Logistics Centre (SCLC), the 2,500-acre commercial and industrial complex entitled for 60 million square feet of development in Victorville. The recent pre-leasing of the facility highlights the growing demand for quality manufacturing and distribution space in the Inland Empire High Desert region. Click here to read more.

Kern County Engages TIP Strategies

Kern County has engaged TIP Strategies to lead the preparation of an Economic Diversification Plan for East Kern County communities. Chabin Concepts is assisting TIP and Kern County with the project. The plan will provide communities in the eastern portion of Kern County with economic development strategies, solutions, and tools.

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Business Retention & Expansion


Now, more than ever, it is important for economic developers in California to focus on keeping the businesses we have and helping them grow. With the negative perceptions about doing business in California and our business climate, attracting new business is not always the easiest form of economic development. And, as we’ve all heard before, “A bird in the hand, is better than two in the bush”.

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