Best Time To Visit California


The best time for traveling to California is from May until September. In this period of time, it is really sunny, warm and the chance of rain is very low. In addition to that, the months April and October are a good time to visit California. Tourists, which do not like too high temperatures, should avoid the time from July to August. Most tourists visit California between June and August. During the peak travel period, you have to reckon with higher prices for flights and hotels. With Flightradar24 you can track planes in real time. Furthermore, you should have in mind that also the attractions and destinations can be run over.

If you want to have a relaxed holiday, then the best time to visit California are the months May and September. Besides the best travel time depends on your planned activities in California, because the climate varies depending on the region and season.

You are interested in the best travel time for specific activities? Then continue reading!

best time to visit California

When is the best time to visit the Death Valley?

If you want to visit the Death Valley, you should plan your vacation in spring or autumn, because in summer there are often temperatures over 40 degrees. On the other side, in winter there are freezing temperatures. When you visit California in summer and you want to go to the Death Valley, it is very important to use enough sun creme and a headgear. Moreover, bright clothing is recommended. Furthermore, I recommend wearing sturdy footwear for a tour through the Death Valley. As well you should take enough water with you – at least three liters per person! It is also important to refuel your car 😉 If you mind all these different points, you will have a successful and unforgettable trip!

Death Valley- Zabriskie Point
Death Valley- Zabriskie Point

When is the best time for a beach vacation?

The best time for beach holidays in California is July and August. During these months there are optimal climatic conditions to spend time at the beaches of Los Angeles. The water temperature is between 19 and 20 degrees throughout the best travel period. But pay attention: Only hardened beach lovers may like the water temperatures of the Pacific. If you like more thermal water, you should travel in July or August to California. Then you can expect temperatures from 28 to 29 degrees. You should absolutely visit Venice Beach!

Malibu Beach - best time to visit California
Malibu Beach

When is the best time to visit cities in California?

For a city trip to California, I recommend the months March, April, May and October. The temperatures in this time aren’t too high in this period. It is a perfect time for sightseeing tours through the metropolises Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Hollywood. In summer, the attractions are often very overrun and the waiting periods are very long. Because at this time, many tourists visit California, that’s why the prices are higher than in the rest of the year.

SanDiego - best time to visit California
San Diego

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