California Travel Guide


California isn’t just simply a state of the USA, it’s much more than that. Not only the native population is impressed by its beautiful landscape and environment. Every year California enchantes thousands of tourists. However, Charles Dudley Warner wrote in the 19th century “Here is our Mediterranean, here is our Italy!” Although it’s a cliché, there’s much truth in it.

Our California Travel Guide will help you to discover and experience the beauty of California!

California Travel Guide

It’s hard to escape from the fascination of the landscape. You can smell the fragrance of the sea on the street. Also a few miles ahead, the scent of pine trees, green acacias, old forests or flowering cactuses. Moreover, it’s a land of the extreme and the opposites. Next to rugged cliffs, there are national parks with high, steep peaks, canyons and wonderful ski areas. Furthermore, there is the Death Valley and the Napa Valley with its huge vineyards and the most beautiful national parks of the world. For example the Yosemite park or the Sequoia – and Kings Canyon national parks.

California Travel Guide
Potato Harbor Santa Cruz Island

Furthermore, there are the biggest cities in California, for example, Los Angeles, San Diego, Beverly Hills or San Francisco. In addition to that, tourists can see attractions like Hollywood with its studios, the Silicon Valley, the prison island Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, but also ghost towns like Bodie or Mineral King. Moreover, there are many unique beaches, the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, many deserts or the fields and plantations of the “fruit belt”.

California is really unique – like its people. Here are mixing Indian, European, Hispanic, Mexican, Afro-American, African and Asian influences. According to this, life in California is really colorful and diverse.

We are kidnapping you with this travel guide to fascinating California and hope you enjoy!

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