What To Do In San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge - what to do in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge - what to do in San Francisco

There are just a few cities in California, that are so enjoyable to visit like San Francisco because most of the attractions are within walking distance. Especially the districts around the Union Square in the South and around the Fisherman’s Wharf in the North are inviting the tourists to go for a walk or a city tour. 

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The hilly city San Francisco is located in the north of California and is very famous because of the year-round fog and the legendary Golden Gate Bridge. Furthermore for such its trams and colorful Victorian houses. The most popular skyscraper of San Francisco, the Transamerica Pyramid, is standing in the financial district.

It’s a really European city, which provides a diverse mix of attractions!

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

I think you all have heard of this suspension bridge before. It opened in the year 1937 and combines San Francisco with Marin County in the North. Moreover, the bridge is more than 1,6 miles long, 27 meters wide and there is a lot of traffic: The Golden Gate Bridge is used by over 100.000 cars per day!

Things to do in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge at night

Prison Alcatraz

Another important attraction is the former prison Alcatraz. Today you can visit it without problems – provided you get tickets for the ferry in time, which means, in this case, two to three months before 😉

Alcatraz, which is a 500 meters wide island, is more than 1,2 miles away from the mainland and located in the Golden Gate Bay. The most famous inmate was Al Capone, who was in Alcatraz from 1934 to 1939. Especially the location of the island made escape attempts impossible.

The Fisherman’s Wharf

The Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the most beautiful districts of San Francisco. It excites visitors with its attractions and sea lions at Pier 39, souvenir shops and restaurants as well as with views at the bay. Furthermore, Fisherman’s Bay is perfect for an overnight stay even if the hotels are a bit expensive.


Things to do in San Francisco
Fisherman’s Wharf

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