What To Do In Venice

what to do in Venice Beach
what to do in Venice Beach

A very famous beach in Los Angeles is definitely Venice Beach. You should absolutely visit this beach when you are in Los Angeles. The beach is located in the district of Venice in Los Angeles next to the Pacific. The sandy beach is about 2.8 miles long and adjacent to the beach of Santa Monica. There are many tourists the whole year because of the mild climate.

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what to do in Venice Beach
Venice Beach

Especially at the weekends, there’s a lot going on. Moreover, there are many souvenir shops directly at the beach promenade. Very special are also the street artists, musicians and painters, who provide good entertainment at Venice Beach.

Also very popular is definitely the Muscle Beach, where bodybuilders or hobby athletes train and show their muscles in front of a big audience – It’s very interesting to watch!

If you like to go to the gym, you have to work out at the famous Gold’s Gym. In this famous gym already Arnold Schwarzenegger has trained. But even if you don’t like to train at the gym, you have many other possibilities: playing volleyball, basketball, tennis or go cycling and much more.

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